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CompuSight’s services team aims to provide clients gain a competitive advantage, market share, and brand strength. Our technical solutions are based on understanding business processes to enable our customers optimize their operational processes and improve overall business performance.

Our objective is to work with our clients to develop sustainable IT solutions that support and enhance their overall business strategy. We help our clients to navigate the various IT choices including strategy (design and integration with business strategy to ensure alignment and maximum use of information technologies), applications, security and compliance, program management, as well as optimizing IT organizations.

Our service portfolio can be offered separately/as needed to supplement our client's internal resources or in conjunction with a third party systems integration partners. Service offerings can also be combined as part of a turnkey system implementation from CompuSight.
Business Analysis CompuSight analysts are dedicated to customer satisfaction – they work hard to translate business requirements into terms that the development team can understand so the best technical solution is created.

Our experienced business analysts work with you to understand your business, project benefits and change drivers to develop a concise vision and scope to guide the project team in the right direction. We develop functional specifications by working closely with subject matter experts to understand your current processes and evaluate new requirements. Finally, we ensure a high-quality product by collaborating with development and quality assurance teams to validate requirements traceability to the new solution as well as support the scope and requirements.

Enterprise Architecture Want to ensure your competitive advantage? Streamline your system architecture. A detailed system architecture and a defined functional design are keys to helping your business minimize costs and increase overall efficiency of your offerings.

CompuSight system architects will work with your company to plan, design, and document your system architecture to optimally support your service offerings. This includes working with third party vendors to integrate components using a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) approach.

Program Management The key to a successful technical implementation is managing the project efficiently and effectively. CompuSight has just that experience, stemming from successfully managing dozens of projects from start to finish. We know that every IT project has a technology side and business side. With expertise in virtually every aspect of technology we have the skills required to work as your business partner while providing the leadership and expertise to manage complex technological requirements.

Regardless of the size and scope of your project management needs, CompuSight delivers the skills and resources you need to guide your project to completion – on time and on budget.

Application Development CompuSight offers leading-edge custom application development services (Web, Windows & SOA) for new solutions, as well as functional enhancement and maintenance of existing systems. Our consultants provide the expertise to plan, design, and implement applications that will fully integrate into your existing business processes and system environment.

Using state-of-the-art tools and Agile methodologies to create highly effective applications, CompuSight provides rapid functionality delivery and reduced cycle times to minimize project risk and cost while maintaining high-quality results.

Systems Integration CompuSight offers technology solutions for organizations seeking to streamline their operations without sacrificing functionality or strategic alignment. We offer a service oriented approach to ensure these enterprise solutions are implemented and optimally configured to address your specific concerns.

CompuSight's consultants first gain an understanding of how the business problem fits into your operations. We then help develop your strategy and implement it; configuring, customizing, extending, and integrating the full range of enterprise solutions.

The result enables your organization to work faster and more effectively, manage processes more efficiently, and adopt change in processes or technology easily across the enterprise.

Cloud Computing While moving to a cloud computing environment can provide greater business and resource agility, assessing the proper route to obtain those benefits is another matter. This is where CompuSight can help. We partner with your IT team to analyze where cloud computing best fits into your business model, and develop a complete cloud strategy that takes into account your messaging, collaboration and content management environments, along with your custom application needs.

By partnering with CompuSight we will create a customized cloud strategy that encompasses a roadmap with clear and concise goals, and protection of your current business processes and data integrity.

Mobile Applications CompuSight is well versed in all mobile platforms including iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile. We approach your mobile development project with a proven methodology that begins with identifying primary business goals, determining key stakeholders, gaining consensus and working with IT to ensure back-end support for any desired functionality.

Best of all, our experienced and specialized developers will help you streamline processes, empower decision-making, and help you avoid mobile solution pitfalls.

Business Intelligence Successful Business Intelligence solutions start with a business centric approach. They then focus on providing a platform and tools that create an environment where decisions can be made. The data can be trusted to be accurate, the reports are easy to understand, and the tools get to the hidden meanings in the data.

Our focus is on delivering practical technology projects implemented using the Microsoft SQL Servier platform, and presentation technologies including PerformancePoint, SQL Reporting Services, Excel, PowerPivot, SharePoint, and custom .NET and web applications.

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